Holland Inspiration Seminar

Sustainable and profitable livestock farming 2020

From history, The Netherlands has been and still is a strong country in innovation in agriculture. It is famous for its knowledge to optimising production methods, among which in livestock farming.

Along with the VIV trade fair, this innovation power is often shared with an international audience through seminars. Again, during the upcoming VIV MEA tradeshow in Abu Dhabi, there will be such an event: the “Holland Inspiration Seminar”.

Initiated by innovation platform “Kip van Oranje” from The Netherlands, this seminar will focus on sustainable, small scale and profitable livestock farming. Seven specialists in various fields will share their knowledge and vision on this theme. Below a summary of the topics they will cover.

Program details

Venue: ADNEC
Moderator: Prof. Lenny van Erp, HAS University of Applied Sciences 



The Dutch approach of circular Agriculture

Erik Smidt, Agricultural counsellor for the GCC region of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in Riyadh, will kick off and explain the current vision of the Dutch government on circular livestock farming.  The ministry strongly advocates the use of alternative ingredients and by-products from own farms. Hence, this approach is expected to save on expenses while maintaining productivity. Thus, profitable business models are possible, even on a small scale.
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Such a circular farm is the “Floating dairy farm”, which is located in the sea harbour of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Peter van Wingerden of this farm, explains the term “Urbanfarmation”. In other words, tell about the idea of keeping dairy cattle in an urban area and how they manage to run this business profitably.

Floating Egg Farm

Based on the experiences of this floating dairy farm, also a floating egg farm will most likely be built in the near future. A flock of about 7.000 white layers are going to populate this new farm, located adjacent to the dairy farm. Noud Janssen of Kip van Oranje, will dive into the details of this new project.
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Professor Lenny van Erp of HAS University of Applied Sciences is going to tell about the benefits of Precision Livestock Farming. This includes techniques like robotization and automation. These techniques allow collecting valuable data which are a useful tool to support farm management.
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Pathogenic micro-organisms are a permanent cause of illness, immunosuppression and poor performance in broiler production. Royal GD developed VIR-check, a device to easily measure the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection. VIR-check tests for 5 different viruses at day 6-7 during the growing cycle. Speaker: Rogier van Leeuwen.
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Co-creation with data

In the process towards new circular business models, not all the answers will immediately be there.  However, the innovation power of The Netherlands will eventually lead to solid solutions. Data from various sources will together lead to co-creation and move the livestock sector into new directions. ‘Data-connector’ Erwin Sommen will show some practical examples.

Responsible retailing

Benoît Bougrier of Spar International is casting a light on the Responsible Retailing strategy they conduct on health and nutrition. Around the world, Spar focusses on better working together with suppliers to improve and diversify the food portfolio. Thus, Spar provides customers access to fresher products and where possible, healthier options.


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Read more about the (tentative) program for the UAE branch meeting. Topics on “Advancement in poultry science” will be discussed in different speaker sessions. 


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