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Step-by-step guide to improve your water quality

October 29, 2019
Checking and improving water quality on a farm is a very important management measure.Clean and fresh water is fundamental to successful animal production. In poultry, inadequate water intake may lead to reduced feed intake and growth rate. 
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OneWelfare: animal welfare in a broader context

October 17, 2019
Animal welfare is not just a matter of raising animals in a friendly way. There’s a much broader context. Human wellbeing, consumer demands on animal welfare and the impact on the environment are important parameters as well.
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Connection among two dissimilar fields, Data Science & Poultry Industry

September 2, 2019
You have taken noticed rightly that Poultry is altogether a different field from the technological point of view and it is usually associated with eggs & chickens. One can wonder how this field can be linked..
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